​In the Woods of Avocourt


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No children should be part of the war. It is a merciless world for children who suffer from war, and it is sad that we are unintentionally teaching children how to start a war who are living in peaceful places.

The project shows the paradox, using the classic cartoon to take a peep in the horrible warfare. It seems reasonable but it doesn't make sense.

When those children live in their peaceful home, there are still millions of children and young people worldwide are affected by armed conflict. They are confronted with physical harm,violence, danger, exploitation, fear, and loss. Many children are forced to flee. Some have witnessed the death of loved ones. Some are forced to pull the trigger themselves. 

Communities are ripped apart and can no longer provide a secure environment for children. Adults are busy running for a living; parents have little time for their children; schools and playgrounds are damaged or taken over by armed groups.